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meet our presenters

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Peter Butler Anchor Presenter

peter butler and jack,meet our presenter,shoreline,meet our presenters,

Peter is Shoreline’s anchor presenter, and he is a highly acclaimed stage and screen actor.

Peter has featured in many varied productions, such as feature film A Boy Called Twist, musical stage shows The Sound of Music and Hamlet, television drama Binnelanders, and many television commercials.

For the first time, Peter has the opportunity to be himself as he takes three specialist presenters to travel the 3000km of South African shoreline to tell the story of the coast! He will be joined by his city-turned-salty dog, Jack.

tags: peter butler and jack, meet our presenter, shoreline, meet our presenters,

Gavin Whitelaw Archaeology Presenter

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Gavin has had an interest in archaeology for many years, and has been working at the Natal Museum as an archaeologist for twenty years.

He has an interest in the Iron Age of southern Africa.

His current research focuses on farmers of the second millennium, where his emphasis is on the origins, archaeology, and ethnography of Nguni-speaking people.

tags: gavin whitelaw, meet our presenters, shoreline,

Nomalanga Mkhize History Presenter

nomalanga mkhize ,meet our presenters,shoreline,

Nomalanga is currently doing her PhD with the Department of Sociology at the University of Cape Town on the impact of the growth of the game farming sector on farm workers and dwellers tenure rights.

She has an MA in History from Rhodes University and lectured in the History Department for three years.

Outside of her work and education, she is involved with community campaigns and organisations lobbying for the transformation of South Africa´s unequal education system.

tags: nomalanga mkhize , meet our presenters, shoreline,

Eleanor Yeld Marine Biology Presenter

eleanor yeld,meet our presenters,shoreline,

Eleanor is a keen marine biologist, and has been conducting research through the University of Cape Town on the parasites of a number of endemic South African shark species.

Her research focuses on the discovery and description of several species new to science, the ecology of parasite communities with potential for application in fisheries stock assessment, and the transmission of blood parasites.

Eleanor has won several awards for her work, including the best oral presentation at the 7th International Symposium on Fish Parasites in Italy in 2007. Eleanor is also a qualified SCUBA diver and boat skipper.

tags: eleanor yeld, meet our presenters, shoreline,

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